5150: Carrier Command

5150: Carrier Command
Item# 5150CC
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Product Description

5150: Carrier Command

The "Big Ship" supplement for 5150: Fighter Command

You must have 5150: Fighter Command to play.

What: Sci Fi Space Combat Game with "Big Ships".
Scale: 1 model equals 1 Capital Ship or Fighter/Bomber.
Your Role: Players command a Capital Ship.
Playability: Designed for solo, same side and head to head play.

5150: Carrier Command can be played in a variety of ways:
  • You can play as the Commander of a Star Carrier with flights of Fighters/Bombers.
  • You can play as the Commander of one Capital Ship chosen from over a dozen types and a variety of Races.
  • You can play one-off battles.
  • You can play the full campaign with up to fifteen scenarios.

  • The bottom line is you can play it any way you like, with any models or counters you like.
    Inside you’ll find:
  • Detailed yet simple rules for CapShip combat with stats and counters for a variety of Races and types.
  • Fifteen scenarios linked together in order to tell your story as the Commander of the Star Carrier Daedalus.
  • Fully compatible with 5150: Fighter Command, our Fighter based space combat game.
  • A minimal bookkeeping Campaign System that gives meaning to every game as the results of one will affect the outcome of the next.

  • 5150: Carrier Command - the next chapter in our Space Combat Story.

    Need Ships? Want to play Star Navy, Carrier Command or even another space combat game but don't have enough ship models?

    Check out the Star Ships PDF below. For $5 you get over eighty ships on hex bases and square. All in color and one of every ship found in 5150: Star Navy, including Fighter Squadrons. Make as many as you want!


    5150 Carrier Command - PDF
    5150 Carrier Command - PDF
    5150 Carrier Command - Print
    5150 Carrier Command - Print