High Rise to Hell - Supplement for All Things Zombie

High Rise to Hell - Supplement for All Things Zombie
Item# HRTH
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Product Description

Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies Oh My!

If you want add more horror to your ATZ games, this is the one!

Since Day One you've stayed in the City. After the Army left, you stayed. After the broadcasts stopped, you stayed. You stayed and fought the Zeds. You stayed and fought the misguided souls that stood in your way.

But now you've heard about the "black Hummers". About the night time raiders that roll around the City taking what and who they want, and you've heard about the Cure.

High Rise to Hell is the ATZ supplement that gives you answers, all the answers.

Inside HRtH you'll find:
  • Thirteen scenarios.
  • New Attributes to add to ATZ.
  • New characters for your ATZ games including Vampires (two types), Werewolves, Casters, and more.
  • Ragers.
  • Smart Zombies.
  • And eleven NPCs that you can use for recurring Encounters in ATZ and After the Horsemen.

  • Don't want Vampires or Werewolves? Then you don't have to use them but the extra rules in the supplement and the Encounters are still worth the price.

    Pro-Corp has the Cure but they ain't sharing!