Motley Crew of Misfits

1st Appearance of Billy Pink - 2009
1st Appearance of Billy Pink - 2009
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“We’ve got her on visual sir. In range shortly”

“Good. Hail the…what was her name again?” the Captain asked.

“LA Woman, sir.”

“LA Woman?” the Captain eyed the com- screen as a figure shimmered into view. That’s him, he thought. Speaking to the screen he began.

” William R. Pinkley, AKA “Billy Pink”, AKA “Sweet Willie Pink” AKA…”

“Who wants to know?” “Billy Pink” interjected.

“Captain Belkane of the Capalan light cruiser Morion. By the authority of the Capalan League I have an order for your arrest,” he replied with a smile.

“On what charge?” Billy began. “I’m a legal trader just trying to earn a decent living.”

“Of course you are Mister Pinkley. But we’ve an outstanding “5150” on you. Prepare for boarders and subsequent arrest. Belkane off.”

And so it began...