5150 Star Army Citizen Soldier

5150 Star Army Citizen Soldier
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Product Description

Rules for Infantry, Vehicles and Mechs for Tabletop play.

5150 Star Army - Citizen Soldier

Played with minis and terrain on the tabletop.

In 5150: Star Army – Citizen Soldier you start as a Private and have ten years to rise in the Ranks and become a Gaea Prime Citizen with all the benefits.

Inside you’ll find:

  • A man to man combat system that plays quickly yet yields realistic, some say unforgiving, results.

  • Rules for Mechs and Vehicles.

  • Over a dozen different units you can join not to mention the three Alien Races you’ll meet. Can you say Bugs? You know what we’re talking about.

  • An easy to use bookkeeping system that tracks your successes and failures as you move up or down the Ranks.

  • Multiple Missions that allow for a quick and easy Campaign where the results of one Mission affects the next.

  • A game system designed for solo and co-op play – designed for; not a lame “can be played solo” game.

  • Play with any figures you already have or the color counters we’ve included - Infantry, Mechs, Vehicles and Bugs,.

    All this and much more…

  • So do you want to be a Citizen?

    Welcome to the world of...

    5150: Star Army - Citizen Soldier!