5150 Back Alley Bright Lights Board Game

5150 Back Alley Bright Lights Board Game
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Product Description

Welcome to New Hope City, where everyone deserves a second chance.

Back Alleys, Bright Lights is the blend of lite Role-Playing with a quick and easy set of combat rules. Combined, these will enhance your games and move your Story along at a brisk pace. New Hope City is home to over a dozen different Races, some friendly and some not so. You can choose to play as one of over a dozen Professions, where what’s legal is up to your interpretation.

Totally playable solo with rules for a Campaign with a simple way to gauge how well, or bad, you’re doing! Compatible with our other 5150 rules.

  • Rulebook.
  • Cardstock Reference Sheets with all the tables you need.
  • 11" x 17" Color Card Stock Campaign Map.
  • 8 1/2" x 11"Color Cardstock Battle Board.
  • 1" Color Cardboard Counters.
  • Deck of color Poker Size Playing Cards.

  • Playable with any minis you may already have!