5150: Gaea Prime First Defense

5150: Gaea Prime First Defense
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"We Take the War to the Enemy."

Gaea Prime considers her proper place to be in the center of the First Ring, the center of the 5150 universe.

But that is now.

In the beginning there was only Gaea Prime, floating in space in a dream of isolation, waiting to be awakened.

Then the Hishen Came.

Attacked by a Race of Slave Traders with superior technology and weapons Gaea Prime must fight for it's survival.

Inside you'll find:
  • A man to man combat system that playes quickly with realistic results.
  • Rules for tabletop play with minis you may already have or on a Battle Board with terrain and color counters we've provided.
  • Complete rules designed for solo, cooperative and head to head play .
  • Complete Campaign rules that link your games into a viable Story - your Story.

  • The Hishen has landed and it's time for...


    Can You Answer Her Call?"


    5150: Gaea Prime 1st Defense
    5150: Gaea Prime 1st Defense
    5150 1st Defense Print
    5150 1st Defense Print