5150: No Limits - Sci Fi Adventuring

5150: No Limits - Sci Fi Adventuring

5150: No Limits - Maiden Voyage is the Core Rules for unlimited adventures in a complete Sci Fi Universe. With Maiden Voyage you have the rules for all of the Scenario Books to follow.

Inside you'll find:
  • 14 Use as you want scenarios.
  • 16 Linked Scenarios taking you on one connected Story.
  • Includes New Hope City - a Metro where an opportunity lies behind every danger.
  • Color Card stock counters and a Battle Board to get you into the game right away.
  • Over six Races to choose from.
  • A low book keeping Campaign system that lets you track how well your Character does.
  • Rules for planet bound and space combat with a variety of weapons and ships.
  • All this and much more.

  • Be a Smuggler, a Pirate, maybe a Mercenary or Bounty Hunter. With over 30 Professions, there's No Limits on what you can be!

    All books are made for the solo and cooperative gamers in mind - no Game Master required!

    Also, the rules and adventures in 5150: No Limits can be used with any of our other 5150 Books, especially our companion military series - 5150: Missions!

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