5150 Star Army Quick Play

5150 Star Army Quick Play
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Product Description

We've streamlined the mechanics to get the same results at a quicker speed. Totally compatible with our regular rules, you can move rules in between the games to make it your game.

5150 Star Army - Sci-Fi Man-to-Man Combat.

It's your Squad and you have a job to do. Whether you're fighting the Hishen Clone Race, the "Monkey Boys", Rebels, or even Bugs; yes, Bugs, you'll need to beat the enemy and keep your guys alive. .


Inside you’ll find:
• 140 color cardboard counters representing Basics, think Humans, and five unique Alien Factions.
• Three color Battle Boards to do your fighting on.
• Rules that are quick and easy yet keep the realistic results of our miniatures game, 5150 Star Army Total War
• A complete Campaign system that tie your Missions together.
• Start your tour of duty as a Private, Jr. NCO or NCO – lead your own Squad.
• Rise in Rank as you have successful Missions.
• Go Off Campaign; go Carousing and do some Gambling, Companionship, and more. It’s up to you..
• All this and much more.

5150 Star Army.


5150 Star Army QP PDF
5150 Star Army QP PDF
5150 Star Army QP Print
5150 Star Army QP Print