5150 Urban Renewal

5150 Urban Renewal
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Product Description

5150 Urban Renewal is a stand alone game.

5150 Urban Renewal

What: A stand alone 5150 RPG that can be played with our other 5150 titles.

Scale: 1 figure equals 1 man.

Your Role: Players try to have a good life and retire well while adventuring in New Hope City.

Playability: Designed for solo, same side and head to head play.

"Welcome to New Hope City."

New Hope City is a bustling, ready-made, sci-fi city, ready for your adventures. In 5150 Urban Renewal we provide all the tools to make your characters unique. Choose your Attributes, Skills, and Profession then outfit them with weapons, armor, cyber-enhancements and anything else you want. The Shopping List is pretty big to choose from, use as much of it as you want.

Our light bookkeeping RPG mechanics do all the work for you. They generate your Encounters, your enemies, random Non-Player Characters, linking all your games together. Urban Renewal is like a toolbox. You may not need all the tools, but they are there when you do!

Inside 5150 Urban Renewal you'll find:

  • Nine different Character Classes and Aliens to choose from.

  • Fifty-plus Attributes, five Skills and fifty-plus Professions to make your characters unique.

  • An easy to use Economics System that gets you playing the game instead of book keeping the game.

  • A realistic Combat System that's easy to learn and adds tension to your games.

  • Six Basic Encounters that can be played over and over and always with a different result.

  • Cyber-Enhancements to give your characters an edge.

  • Easy to use Campaign and Character Advancement Systems to track the success of your characters.

  • All this and much more.

    5150: Urban Renewal is all about the Story, your Story. So stake out some time, grab a relaxing beverage of your choice and

    New Hope City!

    Where everyone deserves a second chance.

    Check out New Hope City PI, perfect to use with 5150 Urban Renewal. "NHC PI, when the Police just won't do!"


    5150 Urban Renewal
    5150 Urban Renewal
    5150 Urban Renewal - Print
    5150 Urban Renewal - Print