After the End of Days

After the End of Days
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FYI - Can be used with ATZ End of Days and Win or Die!

PDF form only and once the printer catches up, we'll offer print form and you will receive full credit on your PDF purchase.

The End of Days. Yeah right. All those wankers predicting the End of Days. End of the world as we know it. Hey, wasnít that a song? Anyway, when the Apocalypse did come it wasn't the End of Days.

Us smart folks found ways to keep going. With the Governments gone itís not bad actually. Not a lot of people, some small towns. Cities? Yeah, theyíre still around, kind of. Letís just say they may be okay to visit to search for supplies and stuff but to live there? Not happening.

Well, itís been fun talking to you and hope you have a good time. Say, you have any spare ammo I can get from you?

Inside you'll find:

  • 70 Color Counters.

  • Color Campaign Map.

  • Three Battle Boards.

  • Easy to learn but deadly combat rules.

  • Able to play a one-off game or a linked Campaign where the results of one Encounter influences the next.

  • A system where no two games ever play the same.

    It's the End of Days - How will YOU do?