Talomir Tales - The Core Rules & Scenario Books

Talomir Tales

Talomir Tales is a series of Sword and Sorcery Adventures set in the fantasy world of Talomir. Our Core Rules contain all the rules you need to play any Talomir Tales games. Each is set in a different part of Talomir populated my different Races and Nations.

A world of many nations and Races. In Talomir Tales you can choose to play as any of them!

We've plans for many scenario books in the Talomir Tales series and all of them are compatible with all of our other Fantasy games. Heck, you can even use them with other rules with a little bit of tweaking.

Each Core Rules book gives you:

  • 16 Unique scenarios that you can use to build your own adventures.

  • 16 Scenarios tied together forming your first Adventure in Talomir.

  • A no bookkeeping Campaign System to track your Character's career.

  • Play with your own Characters or use the pre-generated ones inside.

  • Play on the Tabletop with Terrain or on the Battle Board we've included.

  • Designed for solo and cooperative play against the game where no two games will ever play out the same!

  • Each rules set includes color card stock counters and a color Battle Board to get you into the game ASAP.