Hell Hath No Fury WWII Tank Combat Board Game

Hell Hath No Fury WWII Tank Combat Board Game
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Product Description

Tiger Tank! Do you stay or do you go?"

Hell Hath No Fury is a set of tank combat rules that focuses not only on the vehicle, but its individual crew members. You’re the Tank Commander of one of eleven American or German tanks. Each tank has a full crew of 4 or 5 individuals, each with specific jobs to make your tank perform.

Add a list of Missions and you’re ready to play an action filled game of WW2 tank combat from the personal view of the Tank Commander. Totally playable solo with rules for a Campaign with a simple way to gauge how well, or bad, you’re doing during your career.

  • Rulebook.
  • Cardstock Reference Sheets with all the tables you need.
  • 11" x 17" Color Card Stock Campaign Map.
  • 8 1/2" x 11"Color Cardstock Battle Board.
  • 1" Color Cardboard Counters.
  • Deck of color Poker Size Playing Cards.

  • Playable with any minis you may already have!