Larger Than Life - Pulp Adventures

Larger Than Life - Pulp Adventures
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Product Description

Hard Boiled or Scrambled?

It’s a game about the Pulps. That means Lost Worlds, intrepid Archaeologists, Cliffhangers, and more. The setting may be exotic, the villains particularly villainous, but in truth, it’s all about the Story. Your Story!

Larger Than Life 3rd Edition can be likened to an action movie where your Star moves from Scene to Scene trying to succeed in his adventure. What needs to be done? How do you do it? Who’s in peril? Who’s behind all this? All these things and more are generated for you by the easy to use game mechanics.

Inside Larger Than Life –you’ll find:

  • Out latest game play mechanics for combat and more.
  • A variety of characters for you to play with and against. Stars, Co-Stars, Love Interests, Femme Fatales, and of course, the villains – we call them the Big Bads.
  • An easy to use mechanic that will generate and solve Clues, during each Story, based on your Characters abilities.
  • Nine different villains to fight, from Mob Bosses to Cavemen, and everything in between.
  • Four different Locales to adventure in. From the back alleys of a large Metropolis, to the villages in a Lost World, your Star can travel from place to place, all generated by the game mechanics.

  • All this and more.

    “Give me the diamond!” Gimez repeated, as he pointed his pistol. “I will give you till three, then I shoot you both!”
    “One!” M’tawbe could feel the axe coming loose.
    “Two!” Dario measured the distance to his gun and looked at Gimez.
    “Three!” Gimez took aim and …

    Will our hard-boiled Star reach his gun in time or end up scrambled on the cave floor? Will Gimez really shoot? Can M’tawbe free his axe in time? And what about Lil? All these questions and more will be answered in the next Scene of …

    Larger Than Life - The Game of Pulp Adventures


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