Monkey Business

Monkey Business
Item# monkey

Product Description

Some people don’t believe in aliens.

Some believe they are coming.

I know they are already here.

All you have to do to is read through the news to know it. For example take this piece from CBC News:

“A monkey wearing a miniature shearling coat and diapers was collected by animal services on Sunday afternoon, after shoppers spotted the animal in the parking lot of a Toronto … store.”

That’s what the Canadian government wants you to think. I know better.


This is a new type of Chain Reaction 3.0 –Final Version (CR-FV) mission Raid: Rescue. This is a variant of the Raid: Attack Encounter (CR-FV page 30) in that both sides are trying to control the same target, Agent Simian.

Basically the enemy is trying to capture Agent Simian while you are trying to find and rescue him.