Quick Play Adventure Games

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Quick Play Adventure Games!

Tabletop gaming is all about cool looking terrain and painted miniatures; all that really great stuff. Good times! But what about when you want to play a game but don't have the time to set up the table and terrain? What about when you want to play a game that's fun to play and takes a few minutes to set up? And still use your minis!

Our Quick Play games are the answer.

Quick Play games are based on our existing tabletop games like NUTS! (WWII), 5150 Star Army Total War (Sci Fi), Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir (Fantasy), and more. The Quick Play game mechanics give the same realistic results with less dice rolling. You can choose to use these mechanics in both types of our rules. This allows you to use your same Characters in both sets, our detailed tabletop stuff, or the Quick Play games.

Quick Play games are also stand-alone games, even though they are compatible with our tabletop games. Like all of our games, they are designed for solo, and co-op play as well as head-to head. All the Quick Play games share similar mechanics, so...

Learn one set of rules, you've learned them all.