Red Sun Blue Sky Gladiators of Rome Board Game

Red Sun Blue Sky Gladiators of Rome Board Game
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Just saying the word conjures up vicious combat between desperate men, who fought to the death for the enjoyment of the crowd. Now with Red Sand Blue Sky you can recreate the glory and splendor of these games.

Build your Gladiator from a variety of Signatures, Skills and Attributes. Choose your armor and weapon then enter the arena. First you start in the small arenas – far from the Glory of Rome. Fight hard and if you are good, no great, Fame and Fortune awaits in Colosseum of Rome herself. Gain Fame and Fortune or a quick death.

Totally playable solo with rules for a Campaign with a simple way to gauge how well, or bad, you’re doing during your career. RSBS is compatible with Red Sand Black Moon; our Fantasy Gladiator game.

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