Six Gun Sound - Devil's Elbow

Six Gun Sound - Devil's Elbow
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Product Description

Our updated and best version of Six Gun Sound with our newer, streamlined mechanics. Play it with minis or the counters we've included.

Six Gun Sound - Devil's Elbow

Six Gun Sound – Devil’s Elbow puts you into the Wild West of 1876 to 1885. Why did we pick that ten year period?

Well it covers the Lincoln County War, the unpleasantness in Tombstone, the Demise of the James/Younger Gang, the gold fever in the Black Hills that led to the Great Sioux War of ‘76 as well as the founding of Deadwood, lots of Apache trouble, the Nez Perce, the flight of the Cheyenne from Indian Territory...and a bunch of other stuff.

We’re talking Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, Custer’s Last Stand, Geronimo, and Wild Bill Hickok to name a few. This is the time period that made the Wild West wild and burned it into the hearts and minds of every kid growing up.


Wargame/RPG Lite game of the Wild West.


Man to man Encounters. 1 figure equals 1 man.

Your Role

Players can play as a Cowboy, Lawman, Outlaw, or Gunslinger.


Designed for solo, same side and head to head play.

Inside you’ll find:
  • The BEST set of solo gaming mechanics out there; the game mechanics control all of your Friends and Foes.

  • Quick and easy to learn, but deadly combat rules.

  • Simple, but realistic system to Interact with the Characters that are run by the game; perfect for playing solo!

  • Fourteen different Encounters (Scenarios) that can be used to build your Story, with no two games ever playing the same!

  • Twenty plus different Professions that you can choose to play and may also run into.

  • Eighteen unique attributes to personalize you and your Band.

  • A minimal bookkeeping Campaign System that tracks how well or badly you do on your way to Retiring. Did we tell you that you only have a ten year career?

  • All this and much more!

  • Six Gun Sound - Devil's Elbow.

    Play it with minis!
    Play it with counters!
    Play it on paper!
    Play it any way you like!

    Just Play It!


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    Six Gun Sound Devil's Elbow PDF
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