Win or Die

Win or Die
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FYI - Can be used with ATZ End of Days and After the End of Days!

PDF form only and once the printer catches up, we'll offer print form and you will receive full credit on your PDF purchase.

We bring a different approach to car racing with Win or Die – Racing the Wasteland.

Want to have vehicle combat rules for your Zombie and Post Apocalypse games? This is it.

How about some racing rules where you'll be on edge all race? This is it.

Win or Die is a complete stand-alone game that can be played solo or head-to-head. Win or Die is a fast play game that lets each player race around a track for very, very high stakes. Actually, Life or Death. The game is easy to play, but tough to master. Luck will play its part, but the decisions you’ll make are more important. Knowing when to use Bonus Dice, when to attempt to pass, bash or shoot, yes shoot, other cars or not can be the difference between gaining Fame & Glory or ending up wrecked on the track and barely alive if you even are.

Inside you'll find:

  • 70 Color Counters.

  • Color 11"x17" Racetrack.

  • Easy to learn but deadly combat rules.

  • Able to play a one-off game or a linked Campaign where the results of one Encounter influences the next.

  • A system where no two games ever play the same.

    It's Win or Die ... NOT win or go home.