Win or Go Home Auto Racing

Win or Go Home Auto Racing
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Product Description

Win or Go Home

What: Auto Racing Game
Type: Track the Pack.
Your Role: Be the Driver
Playability: Designed for solo, same side and head-to-head play.

Win or Go Home is a racing game unlike any you’ve played before. In most racing games it’s all “dice and mice”. You roll dice, you move around a Track and soon the players are spread out and many no longer have a chance to win. Boring.

But in Win or Go Home we track the Pack. There's at least 4 Cars in a Race with no maximum but by tracking the Pack you’re always, always in the Race.

You do roll dice, but strategy comes into play. When do you use your Driving Skill? How about making a Pit Stop? You choose when to use your bonus dice, when to hold back, and when to turn it loose and head for the Finish Line.

Inside you’ll find:
• One 11x17 Racetrack including the Track and Pits.
• Multiple color cardstock counters used to Track the Cars and Drivers.
• Race Formula One or Stock Cars.
• An easy-to-use systm to track your Career as you win races and gain Fame.
• Four different Races from 300 to 600 miles.

Six laps to go. It's time to...

Win or Go Home!

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Win or Go Home PDF
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