Wire to Wire - Horse Racing at its Finest.

Wire to Wire - Horse Racing at its Finest.
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Wire to Wire

What: Horse Racing Game
Type: Track the Pack.
Your Role: Be a Jockey, Bet on the Horses, or do both.
Playability: Designed for solo, same side and head-to-head play.

Wire to Wire is a racing game unlike any you’ve played before. In most racing games it’s all “dice and mice”. You roll dice, you move around a Track and soon the players are spread out and many no longer have a chance to win. Boring.

But in Wire to Wire we track the Pack. You’re never farther than 5 Horses behind. By tracking the Pack you’re always, always in the Race.

You do roll dice, but strategy comes into play. Do you take a Frontrunner or a Closer? Maybe a Stalker that sits in the middle of the Pack before it's time to make a move. You choose when to use your bonus dice, when to hold back, and when to turn it loose and head for the Finish Line.

Inside you’ll find:
• Two 11x17 Racetracks.
• Multiple color cardstock Horse counters and a Pack counter to track them.
• Twelve pre-generated Horse Races, both Thoroughbred and Quarter Horses.
• Over 100 distinctive Horses for you to use when you create your own Races.
• A Daily Double Payout Sheet and Tote Board that allows you to Bet on the Horses.

They’re at the starting gate. Will you have what it takes to go…

Wire to Wire!

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Wire to Wire PDF
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